Saturday, October 30, 2010

A couple of finishes...(stitching, that is).

I finally finished stitching a couple of pieces that I had wanted to do for a while.
They are from Valerie Pfeiffer's line of chickadees--Sitting Pretty and Berry Chick-Chat.
They are adorable!  And I'd love to do the whole lot of them!
Problem is, there isn't enough wall space in our apartment for them.  I have very limited "empty" space.
I've never had that problem before, and frankly, I don't know what I can do about it.
Alternate--every month or two change the pictures?
Pillows? No, hubby works with cars...and wood...and I've tried the pillow route before.  Disaster!
Afghan?  Same as above.  Grease stains do *not* come out completely, no matter what I tried!
Gifts?  I  know a few people that would love them, but I don't want to give them away!
Move to a bigger place?  Done that--45 times in 50 years! No, next time they will have to drag me from here, kicking and screaming!
This is why I have oodles piled up waiting to be framed.  Don' t know what exactly to do with them!
I know there's a solution out there...just can't think of it right now.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I've been a bad blogger.  Good intentions don't get things done, that's for sure.
Has it really been *that* long since I last posted (and intended to do all sorts of blogs and pics of my crafting
I better get off my duff.
I *did* manage to dust off a couple of bins that housed my unfinished Xstitch projects.  Good grief, there are at least 30 of them...just waiting to be cleaned, and framed.
Why do I dislike finishing projects?
I love *doing* them.  I get great satisfaction in the actual work--the planning, getting all my floss colours, winding them on floss-holders.  I love to get a new, crisp piece of Aida, finding the center...beginning those first few stitches.
Later, it's rewarding, watching the piece evolve.
But those last few days, those last few stitches--I almost get melancholic!
I then lose steam, and get new vigour by beginning a new piece!
(It kind of sounds like an addiction, no?).

Come to think of it, though...I have a stash of homemade Christmas presents, just waiting for the final touches.
No crowded malls...or sore, blistered feet, trying to find the "perfect" gift.
Now I feel better about the whole thing.
I just have to figure out who gets what!