Thursday, December 9, 2010

Annual pre-Christmas Meltdown

Every morning, I grab my coffee, and browse around blogland, infusing my mind with Christmas gorgeousness.  Beautiful homes, decorated with wondrous, magical Christmas trees...mantels bursting with old-world santas; chubby, smiling snowmen...luscious stairway banisters wound with seas of evergreens and twinkling stars...
and then I look around at what I haven't done, the tree that is not there yet,  piles of newly-made ornaments not-quite-finished.  My list of things-I-want-to-make...and bake...multiplying by the hour.

I've already had my annual pre-Christmas meltdown.  And I realize, I need to stop.
Why do I do this every year to myself?
I've crossed the line from inspiration to envy to "why can't I ever get it together like everyone else?".

I've done enough.  I've made several new cross-stitch ornaments for our tree.
I don't need to keep making more.
I don't need to impress family's joy is enough.
I have to imprint the word "enough" into my mind, and allow myself to enjoy the holiday season, not stress about everything being "perfect".

I think I'll put up the tree this weekend, sip some eggnog... watch some Christmas movies...and get back to feeling the spirit of the holidays in my heart.