Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter, and an exciting update

My good intentions of keeping my blog current has fallen to the wayside.  I've been waiting to get my camera fixed, as a blog without photos just isn't as exciting.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

I've been keeping myself very busy, because...wait for it...I'm going to be an Omi!! My little grand-daughter is due to make her debut mid-August.  All my current projects are on hold, and I have to work really hard on focusing, as my creative mind is going a mile a minute.

I've begun knitting a little jacket, in fine white baby wool, from an old, old pattern (here is where my camera would have come in handy).
I've also knitted a pair of pink Mary Jane shoes (which I did when I first found out about the pregnancy).  I had a feeling all along that it would be a little girl).

I've crocheted not one, but 2 little blankets--one is light and lacy for the summer, and the other is a heavier, more solid shell-stitch for the fall.

I want to sew some little dresses and a couple of baby sleeper/bags, and I have a simple scrap quilt on the go.

As for cross-stitch, I still haven't decided which wall hanging I will do.  But I can't wait to begin stitching!

It's looking to be an exciting Spring and Summer!


  1. How exciting, such a blessing! You're spoiling her already, what a lucky girl! Can't wait to see pictures of all your loving handmade goodies.

  2. Congratulations! I am sure the items you make with be treasured by your granddaughter. :) Handmade items are so special.

  3. Wonderful news and I look forward to lots of lovely pictures when the pesky camera issue has been rectified x